Help Michele and Ava

We are currently sponsoring this special project to support two very special people who have touched our lives, Michele and Ava.

Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated - It all starts with love, kindness and generosity.



The Story

We first became associated with Michele when she helped us go through the last two years of care for the late mother in law of our founder and President. Michele is a single mom who is raising a teenage autistic child who has issues surrounding her condition and for which she gets counseling. Following her time with us, Michele developed some health issues which prevented her from obtaining regular work and we took on the challenge of caring for our caregiver.

We've supplied them with help over the years, but are unable to provide anything for right now due to our own challenges. They need some help with a place to stay and some basic human needs. Despite the stories of support services, networks and safety nets, in fact, there seem very few available resources for them.

We are providing the PayPal donation link above for anything you can offer. In addition, we can offer a few other ways to help.

Should you want to buy it now, we offer for a donation of $1,700 (fair market value based upon an Estibot evaluation) entirely for their benefit.

Should you be associated with a larger organization interested in sponsoring their care for a year, we offer the GoTo.Care domain entirely for their benefit.

Any other domains at DAN we are able to sell will also go, in part, to their care.

Unfortunately for now this is pretty much what we can offer for them until we have finished our own to be launched projects being worked on right now and can achieve revenues from those project to provide for them.

Your help here is greatly appreciated.